All aboard for Nansa – helping people with disabilities

Like all charities, Norwich based Nansa saw a big drop in their income due to Covid-19. This would have resulted in their All Aboard project being discontinued after only a few months, taking away access to wide-ranging specialist support and activities from families and children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) – all being provided free of charge.

Norfolk Freemasonry has plugged the funding gap with a grant of £28,000 which will fund the scheme for a further six months and includes:

  • SENSE sessions to overcome development challenges relating to complex sensory needs
  • ENGAGE one-to-one and group sessions giving support from specialist staff who are trained in the use of Intensive Interaction and Attention Autism
  • STAY & PLAY with less routine and structure, but still a vital area of the programme allowing free play, relaxed social interaction between children and further networking opportunities for parents and carers.

Additional resources will come available in 2021, including advice provided in partnership with SENsational Families and musical therapy in association with Musical Keys.

Freemasons have previously supported Nansa with other projects. In 2017, their Sleep Service was funded by the Masonic Charitable Foundation for three years, with the MCF and local lodges making donations to Musical Keys and SENSational families.

Nansa Chief Executive Leon Smith said,

“Freemasonry has always been incredibly supportive and approachable. Once I explained our predicament, they offered All Aboard funding for an additional six months with a grant of £28,000. This enables us to not only provide families with support during this difficult period, but also gives us the time and space we need to secure a more long term funding partner for the project during 2021.”

Head of Norfolk Freemasons Stephen Allen continued,

“Having seen how families across Norfolk whose children with autism, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy and other learning difficulties and disabilities are being helped by Nansa, we welcomed the opportunity to ensure their All Aboard project could continue.”

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