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Norfolk Lodges

The following is a list of the active Lodges in Norfolk. Each of the Lodges meet between 3 and 8 times a year on the day indicated.

If you’re thinking about joining a Freemasons’ Lodge in Norfolk, find a Lodge that suits you in terms of where it meets and when it meets, then complete our Joining Enquiry Form and a member of the Provincial Team will be in touch.

[Tip, you can use the arrows in the first row of the table to sort the list alpabetically]

No.LodgeCentreMeeting dayNotes
52Union LodgeNorwichTuesday
85Faithful LodgeHarlestonTuesday
93Social LodgeNorwichTuesday
100Lodge of FriendshipGreat YarmouthThursday
102Lodge of UnanimityNorth WalshamMonday
107Philanthropic LodgeKing's LynnMonday
213Lodge of PerseveranceNorwichTuesday
313Lodge of United FriendsGreat YarmouthWednesday
807Cabbell LodgeNorwichThursday
943Lodge of SincerityNorwichTuesday
996Sondes LodgeDerehamWednesday
1114Joppa LodgeFakenhamWednesday
1193Doric LodgeWymondhamWednesday
1500Walpole LodgeNorwichThursday
1741Montgomerie LodgeDissMonday
1808Suffield LodgeAylshamWednesday
2237Earl of Leicester LodgeWellsMonday
2602Baring LodgeSheringhamWednesday
2879Ceres LodgeSwaffhamWednesday
3182West Norfolk LodgeKing's LynnTuesday
3334Thet LodgeThetfordMonday
3678The Naval and Military LodgeNorwichMonday1 meeting on Wednesday
3730Le Strange LodgeKing's LynnMonday
3905Norfolk Installed Masters LodgeWroxhamMondayPeripatetic - Past Masters Lodge - Must be a PM to Join
3955St. Winnold LodgeDownham MarketThursday
4251Lenne LodgeKing's LynnWednesday
4320Albert LodgeGreat YarmouthTuesday
4485St. Benet LodgeWroxhamFriday
4569Saint Giles LodgeNorwichMonday
4865Bowers LodgeNorwichFridayUniversity Scheme Lodge
5496East Norfolk LodgeGreat YarmouthThursday
6074Mancroft LodgeNorwichWednesday
6478Philip Broadfoot LodgeKing's LynnThursday
6539Saint Edmund LodgeAttleboroughThursday
6621Sheringham LodgeSheringhamMonday
6622Martin Folkes LodgeKing's LynnWednesday
6623Saint Nicholas LodgeGreat YarmouthTuesday
6679Blakeney LodgeSheringhamWednesday
6862Boileau LodgeWroxhamThursday
6906Francis of Lorraine LodgeNorwichThursday
7107Watton LodgeWattonTuesday
7859Bishop Herbert LodgeDraytonTuesday
8010Thorpe St. Andrew LodgeWroxhamFriday
8075Old Pastonian LodgeNorwichFriday
8342Muleslai LodgeMundesleyTuesday
8368Norfolk Broads LodgeWroxhamFriday
8387Richard Gurney LodgeWymondhamThursday
8393Norfolk Farmers LodgeWroxhamThursdayPeripatetic
8490Wayford LodgeWroxhamFriday
8558Maid's Head LodgeNorwichFridayPeripatetic - Executive Lodge - Membership by invitation only
8600Round Table Lodge of NorfolkNorwichFridayPeripatetic
8707Breckland LodgeThetfordFriday
8782Horning LodgeHorningFriday
8899Yare Valley LodgeWymondhamMonday
8921Lodge of Good FellowshipNorwichMonday
8940Wayland LodgeWattonTuesday
9013Geoffrey Dicker LodgeKing's LynnThursday1 meeting on Wednesday
9040Angel LodgeGreat YarmouthMonday
9156North Norfolk LodgeSheringhamThursday
9186Old Mill LodgeThetfordWednesday
9266Norfolk Provincial Grand Stewards LodgeNorwichFridayPeripatetic - Executive Lodge - Membership by invitation only
9367Rotary Lodge of NorfolkSheringhamTuesday
9384Four Seasons LodgeWroxhamThursday
9401Lion LodgeGreat YarmouthFridayPeripatetic
9442Ephraimites LodgeKing's LynnTuesday
9452Great Eastern LodgeWattonFriday
9582Lodge of Service and IntegritySheringhamTuesday2 meetings Tuesday, 2 Meetings Thursday - Peripatetic
9583Old Norvicensian LodgeNorwichSaturday
9584Norfolk Royal Airforce LodgeWattonTuesday1 meeting on Wednesday
9693Morning Glory LodgeGreat YarmouthWednesdayDaytime Lodge
9751Sandringham LodgeFakenhamThursdayDaytime Lodge
9755Lodge of MarksmenHarlestonFriday
9782Admiral Lord Nelson LodgeDownham MarketTuesdayDaytime Lodge
9797Ian Bruce LodgeWroxhamThursday
9798Concordia DucumDissMondayExecutive Lodge - Membership by invitation only
9850Scout LodgeDissVariousPeripatetic

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