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Norfolk Blues

We fully appreciate that some aspects of Freemasonry can seem a little strange and even a little daunting to a new member. To help with this we have established a group called Norfolk Blues, specifically to help and support you during the first years of your membership.

Operating under the umbrella of the Provincial Mentoring Initiative, Norfolk Blues is a group managed by new Freemasons, for new Freemasons. Norfolk Blues works alongside the Province’s network of Mentors to ensure that the needs, concerns and questions of all new members are addressed. It runs a programme of events; social, educational and masonic visiting, including organised visits to Grand Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge and of course, the Lodges across our wonderful Province.

It provides you with the opportunity to feedback to the Provincial Executive on areas of interest and concern to new members and takes a core role in addressing those concerns. It aims to assist every new Norfolk Freemason in gaining the greatest enjoyment and enrichment out of their membership of our Order.

We are here to confidentially address your questions and concerns about any aspect of Freemasonry and above all else to help introduce you to other new Masons going through the same experiences in their masonic journeys.

Membership is free and you are eligible to join as soon as you have completed your Ceremony of Initiation. Your membership lasts for five years, after which we are sure you will have fully found your path and your confidence regarding your Freemasonry.

We keep our members up to date with Norfolk Blues activities through a variety of methods.

We have a very active private Facebook page for members. This brings the great advantage of allowing you the ability to comment, to add your own posts and to interact with other members.

For those that don’t use Facebook we issue email updates on our activities. We also send out regular updates to all Lodge Mentors and Secretaries. Our Mentors should be keeping you up to date with our planned activities at every Lodge meeting.

We have a distinctive lapel pin available for our members. This lets other brethren know that you are a new mason and hopefully will prompt them to take particular care that you are welcomed and looked after at any meeting you attend. It also allows you to quickly and easily identify other Norfolk Blues.

We hope you will take the opportunity to come along to some of our organised visits. These enable you to see the ceremonies you will have just completed in the company of other Norfolk Blues. You will be guided and chaperoned through every stage, from booking in, to sitting together at the Festive Board. You will be advised on all that you need to do throughout and why we do it.

We do hope that you will come along to some of our events and to take the opportunity to learn a little more about our wonderful institution. Above all, we hope you will use the group to network and make new friends in Masonry and establish bonds of friendship that will move forward with you over the coming years.