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Norfolk Freemasons help local, independent lifeboat station

Sea Palling is an independent lifeboat station and they are grateful for the help provided by Norfolk Freemasons.

For nearly 50 years, we have operated the Lifeboat Station without a toilet being present on the premises. As a lifeboat crew – we are maintaining ourselves in our own ‘bubble’ to ensure that we protect both ourselves from the virus so that we can stay operational 24/7, but also our families (some of whom have underlying health issues). This means that we are keeping ourselves confined to the station, not visiting the public toilets to avoid all unnecessary public interaction, and we have implemented strict operational guidelines for our conduct whilst on the premises. As you can imagine – this causes problems!

Last year, local Freemasons heard of our plight, and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Norfolk has made this a reality for us. We now have a toilet for crew, a kitchen area and storage for shore crew kit. There are many thank yous to give out here: Lodge of Unanimity 102, Provincial Grand Lodge of Norfolk.