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Provincial Grand Lodge Report Pages Royal Arch


The Companions being assembled, the Chapter was opened at 2.00 pm in Solemn and Antient Form by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E. Companion Stephen Norman Allen, assisted by the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E. Companion Andrew David Seales, P.G.St.B., and the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E. Companion Allan Andrew Ramsay, P.A.G.D.C.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent, E. Companion Michael Terry Goffin, P.G.Swd.B. was also in attendance.

Also in attendance was the Past Deputy Grand Superintendent, E. Companion Stewart Charles Lambert Middleton, P.G.Swd.B.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent called upon the Third Provincial Grand Principal to read the Obituary Roll:

E. Comp. Ian Donald BRUCE Past Grand Superintendent
E. Comp. Stephen CROOKE Thet Chapter 3334
E. Comp. Ronald H BLOXAM Suffield Chapter 1808
E. Comp. Roy R PALMER Geoffrey Dicker Chapter 9013
E. Comp. Michael R WATTS Chapter of Perseverance 213
Comp. Peter J MACDONALD Suffield Chapter 1808
Comp. David MAYES Friendship Chapter 100
Comp. David W BREAR Norfolk Broads Chapter 8368
E. Comp. Anthony J HAMMOND Geoffrey Dicker Chapter 9013
Comp. Glyns G CATCHPOLE Faithful Chapter 85
E. Comp. David L DAVIS Watton Chapter 7107
E. Comp. Nigel F RILEY Royal George Chapter 52
E. Comp. James D MCKEE Royal George Chapter 52
Comp. Andrew G LUCKHURST Thet Chapter 3334
Comp. George H J BILLARD Joppa Chapter 1114
E. Comp. Christopher D HAWES Harry Sparks Chapter 996
E. Comp. Ian S REEKS St Winnold Chapter 3955
Comp. Ian E RIDGE Joppa Chapter 1114
E. Comp. Michael J SMITH Cabbell Chapter 807
E. Comp. Leonard G GOODRUM Cabbell Chapter 807
Comp. Mervyn R DOUGLAS Harry Sparks Chapter 996
E. Comp. Stanley A CUNNINGHAM Faithful Chapter 85
E. Comp. Peter J BLAKE Faithful Chapter 85
E. Comp. Russell E ARTHERTON Bowers Chapter 4865
E. Comp. Kenneth S HARVEY Friendship Chapter 100
E. Comp. Anthony F WATSON Watton Chapter 7107
E. Comp. David AROLD Royal George Chapter 52
E. Comp. Peter WADDISON Philanthropic Chapter 107

Following the reading of the Obituary Roll the assembled Companions stood to order in tribute to departed merit.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent then welcomed the distinguished guests from other Provinces and other Orders. From Bedfordshire, M. E. Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Anthony Henderson, the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Robert Curson and the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Barrie House. From Buckinghamshire, the Past Prov Grand Haggai E. Comp. Stanley Green and the Assistant Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Michael Clanfield. From Cambridgeshire the M. E. Grand Superintendent E. Comp. William Dastur, the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. David Blair, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. David Sowman, the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Mike Hinton and the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies E. Comp. Paul Baldwin. From Derbyshire the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal and Deputy Grand Superintendent Elect E. Comp. Stuart Riley, the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra, E. Comp. Roger Till, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies E. Comp. Philip Bowler and the Provincial Assistant Grand Scribe Ezra E. Comp. Trevor Brearley. From Essex the M. E. Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Paul Tarrant, the Past Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Clifford H Thoms, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. David Wilson, the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. John Hubbard and the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra E. Comp. Richard Jordan. From Hertfordshire the M. E. Grand Superintendent E. Comp. James Sharpley, the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. David Hampton and the Past Provincial Grand Joshua E. Comp. Roderick Kent. From East Kent the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Terence McGlone and the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Ian White. From West Kent the Deputy Grand Superintendent E Comp. James Marsh and the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal E Comp Bipin Patel. From Lincolnshire the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Michael Rix, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Stephen Roberts the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Michael Carter and the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra E. Comp. Adrian Joyce. From Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire the M. E. Grand Superintendent E. Comp. James Boughton, the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Neil Handley, the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Derek Pearson, the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra E. Comp. Michael Binstead, the Provincial Grand DC (Designate) E. Comp. Mick Smith and the Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra (Designate) E. Comp. Ian Nelson. From Suffolk the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Timothy McCormick, the 2nd  Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Roger Young and the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal E. Comp. Nigel Gregory.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent gave a special welcome to the members of the Provincial Craft Executive members of Norfolk present, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master V.W. Bro. Michael Gooderson, the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters W.Bro. Richard Butler and W.Bro. Robin Hawes and also the Provincial Grand Secretary W.Bro. Graeme Kynoch.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent then welcomed the Heads of other Orders in attendance. From Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons (East Anglia), the Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro David Boswell who is also the Past M.E. Grand Superintendent for the Province of Suffolk; the Provincial Prior of the United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas, E. Comp. Colin Birkbeck; from The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests, the Grand Superintendent (East Anglia District), also Past Deputy Grand Superintendent for the Province of Norfolk, E. Comp Stewart Middleton; the Provincial Grand Master of the Royal Order of Scotland (Provincial Grand Lodge of East Anglia) who is also Inspector General of the Ancient and Accepted Rite, District of Suffolk E. Comp. Ralph Robertson; the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order of the Secret Monitor Province of Norfolk, E. Comp. Robin Habbitts, and from the Grand Conclave of the Masonic Order of Pilgrim Preceptors – Region of the Eastern Counties, Regional Governor E. Comp. Tom Auber.

The Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra reported that all Provincial Grand Officers were present other than those from whom an apology had been received and recorded.

The Provincial Assistant Grand Scribe Ezra reported that all the Chapters in the Province were represented.

The Minutes of the previous Convocations held at St Andrews Hall, Norwich on Thursday 9th June 2022, having been previously printed and circulated in the Provincial Year Book, were taken as read and confirmed.

E. Comp. Dennis Pell, First Principal of Baring Chapter No 2602, proposed that the recommendations of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Norfolk Committee of General Purposes be received and adopted. This was seconded by E. Comp. Michael Pomroy, First Principal of Horning Chapter No. 8782, and, when put to the meeting, received assent.

The adoption of the Provincial Grand Treasurer’s Report and Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2022, having been printed and circulated, was proposed by E. Comp. Michael Parker, First Principal of Naval & Military Chapter No 3678 together with thanks to the Provincial Grand Treasurer and Accounts’ Examiners, and seconded by E. Comp. Jeremy Winder, First Principal of St Winnold Chapter No. 3955 and carried by the assembled Companions.

E. Comp. Bernard Docherty, First Principal of Thet Chapter, No. 3334 proposed and E. Comp. David Tibbitts, First Principal of Morning Glory Chapter, No. 9693 seconded, that E. Comps. J. J. Moore, P.A.G.D.C., Chapter of Sincerity No. 943 and E. Comp. Richard A Sykes, P.Prov.G.Stwd., Chapter of Sincerity No. 943 be elected as Examiners of the Provincial Grand Chapter Accounts. This was agreed by the Companions.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was then pleased to receive the Chapter Annual Reports from E. Comp. Simon Gooch, Second Principal of the Chapter of Sincerity No 943; who presented these on behalf of all Norfolk Chapters. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent thanked the chapters for their continued support in the province.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent re-appointed E. Companion Michael Terry Goffin P.G.Swd.B. as his Deputy Grand Superintendent and thanked him for his continued loyalty and support during the preceding year. This was received with acclaim by the assembled Companions.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent then appointed, E. Companion Anthony William Jacobs, P.Prov.G.Swd.B. as 2nd Provincial Grand Principal. This was also received with acclaim by the assembled Companions.

The Grand Superintendent then thanked E Comp Andrew Seales P.G.St.B. for his support during his term in office.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent then re-appointed, E. Companion Allan Andrew Ramsay P.A.G.D.C. as Third Provincial Grand Principal and thanked him for his continued support. This was also received with acclaim by the assembled Companions.

Companion Darryl Edward Woodward P.A.G.D.C. being the only nominee, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent declared him elected as Provincial Grand Treasurer and invested him accordingly.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was pleased to re-appoint the following Provincial Grand Officers:

Prov. G. Scribe E. …. E. Comp John A Parfitt ………… Chapter of Perseverance 213
Prov. G. Reg. ………. E. Comp. Robert A Clack ………. Chapter of Perseverance 213
Prov. Dep. G. D. C. .. E. Comp. Paul R Jarvis ……….……….. Friendship Chapter 100
Prov. G. Almoner …. E. Comp. Graeme S Kynoch ………… Chapter of Sincerity 943
Prov. G. Organist …. Comp James R Graves …….…… Bishop Herbert Chapter 7859
Prov. Asst.G.D.C. …. E. Comp. Peter De-Gol  …………..… Harry Sparks Chapter 996
Prov. G. Steward ….. E.Comp. Michael G Cushion … Naval & Military Chapter 3678
Prov. G. Steward ….. E.Comp. Chris M Marshall ……. Geoffrey Dicker Chapter 9013
Prov. G. Steward ….. E.Comp. Keith L Dennis ……………… Le Strange Chapter 3730
Prov. G. Steward ….. E.Comp. Keith London  ……..…. Bishop Herbert Chapter 7859

The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, E. Comp. Morgan D Bell, called Officers to Post.
The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent then appointed and invested the other Provincial Officers:

Appointments to Active Rank:
Prov. G. Scribe N. ……………………. E. Comp. Michael R Butler ….…..… Bowers Chapter 4865
Prov. G. D.C. ………………………….. E. Comp. John Tacey……………….…… Thet Chapter 3334
Prov. G. Swd. B. ………………………. E.Comp. Peter L Leggett …….… Royal George Chapter 52
Prov. Dep. G. D.C. ……………………. E Comp  Nigel R Davy ………………… Faithful Chapter 85
Prov. G. Membership Officer ………. E. Comp. Kevin E Preston ………….… Faithful Chapter 85
Prov. G. Communications Officer … E. Comp. Tracy J Fussell …….… St Winnold Chapter 3955
Prov. G. Mentor ………………………. E. Comp. Clive J Newman ………….… Joppa Chapter 1114
Prov. G. Sojourner …………………… E. Comp. Mark V Harrison ………… Horning Chapter 8782
Prov. 1st A. G. Soj. …………………… E.Comp. Bernard Docherty …….……… Thet Chapter 3334
Prov. 2nd A. G. Soj. ………………….. E.Comp. Philip R Baker ……………..… Faithful Chapter 85
Prov. Asst. G. Scribe E. ……………… E. Comp. Stephen C Wigg .. Geoffrey Dicker Chapter 9013
Prov. G. St. B. …………………………. E.Comp. Robert A Barton ..…… Philanthropic Chapter 107
Prov. G. St. B. …………………………. E.Comp. Jason S Mummery ……….…… Thet Chapter 3334
Prov. Asst. G.D.C. ……………………. E Comp. David H F Lawler …..… St Winnold Chapter 3955
Prov. G.  Janitor ……………………… Comp. Frank South …………….… Royal George Chapter 52

Promotions to Past Rank:
P.P.G.S.N.            E. Comp. Roy E Gostling, P.P.G.Reg …………………7859
P.P.G.S.N.             E. Comp. Gary Secker, P.Prov.G.Reg ……………………85
P.P.G.S.N.             E. Comp. David F Stevens, P.Prov.G.Reg. …………… 2602
P.P.G.S.N.            E. Comp. Geoffrey Woolsey-Brown, P.P.G.Swd.B. ……943
P.P.G.Reg.            E. Comp. Basil F Calaby, P.P.Dep.G.D.C. ……………   107
P.P.G.Reg.            E. Comp. Anthony T Evans, P.P.G.Swd.B. ……………7107
P.P.G.Reg.            E. Comp. Peter J Hannant, P.P.Dep.G.D.C. …………… 313
P.P.G.Swd.B.       E. Comp. Timothy P Clayton, P.P.G.Soj. ……………   9013
P.P.G.Swd.B.       E. Comp. Anthony W Hodkin, P.P.A.G.Soj …………   9693
P.P.G.Swd.B.       E. Comp. John H Hume, P.Prov.G.Soj. ………………  3730
P.P.G.Swd.B.       E. Comp. Raymond Page, P.P.G.Soj. ………………… 1193
P.P.G.Swd.B.        E. Comp. Timothy J Spencer, P.Prov.G.Soj. …………  3730
P.P.G.Swd.B.        E. Comp. Peter E Worby, P.Prov.G.Soj. ………………4865
P.P.Dep.G.D.C.     E. Comp. Michael D Hawkes , P.Prov.Asst.G.S.E. …    4865
P.P.Dep.G.D.C.     E. Comp. Ian M Larkin, P.Prov.2nd.A.G.Soj. …………3955
P.P.Dep.G.D.C.     E. Comp. Glen S Ricketts, P.Prov.2nd.A.G.Soj. ………8782
P.P.Dep.G.D.C.     E. Comp. Robert A Scott, P.Prov.1st.A.G.Soj. ………  1114
P.P.G.Soj.             E. Comp. Peter Fagg, P.P.G.StB. ……………………… 213
P.P.G.Soj.             E. Comp. Samuel W G Mixer, P.Prov.G.StB. ………    8368
P.P.A.G.Soj.         E. Comp. Stephen N Parsons, P.P.A.G.D.C. …………    313
P.P.A.G.Soj.         E. Comp. Alan G Roll, P.Prov.A.G.DC. ………………  313
P.P.G.St.B.            E. Comp. Stephen J Spalding, P.Prov.G.Stwd. ………  9013
P.P.G.St.B.            E. Comp. Richard A Sykes, P.Prov.G.Stwd. ……………943
P.P.G.St.B.            E. Comp. Alan Walker, P.Prov.G.Stwd. ………………  313
P.P.G.St.B.            Comp. John W Rayner, P.Prov.G.Stwd. ……………… 3955

First Appointments to Past Rank:
P.P.G.St.B.           E. Comp. Nigel P Rieger-Ridd ………………………… 996
P.P.G.St.B.            E. Comp. John W Woodford …………………………  9013
P.P.G.Stwd.         Comp. Roy R Hammond ………………………………  100

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent then presented a long service certificate to the Past Deputy Grand Superintendent, E. Companion Stewart Charles Lambert Middleton, in recognition of his 50 years as a member of the Royal Arch in Norfolk.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent then addressed the Companions:-


It is a great pleasure to see you all here in the superb settings of St. Andrews and Blackfriars Halls.  As many of you will be aware, we will be taking a break from these buildings next year whilst they undergo a period of maintenance and refurbishment; so take an extra moment to look around, soak in the atmosphere and really enjoy the occasion.

I would like to welcome once again our many distinguished visitor.  Thank you for being with us today, we hope you are enjoying the meeting;  your presence here really does help to make this a very special and memorable day for our Companions.

Companions, this is the main opportunity I get each year to publicly say thank you to all those who have voluntarily given their time and energy to assist in the running and wellbeing of the Province. We have a big team, and they deserve a big thank you.  Our ProvGScribe E and ProvGDC with their teams and the Provincial support teams, together with the members of the Craft Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge have not only put on a great day for us today but have been unfailing in their support throughout the year.

As most of you will be aware, I will be retiring from my role as your Grand Superintendent on the 5th of January next, so would like to take the opportunity to formally record my personal thanks to my Deputy, E.Comp Michael Goffin and all who have supported me in the Provincial Executive during my time in office.

You have all been part of a brilliant team, dedicated and fun to work with.  The results of your commitment to the Province speak for themselves in the growing number of Craft brethren now joining the Royal Arch and in the strength and vibrancy of our Chapters.  I would also like to thank all the Norfolk Companions for the warm welcome, hospitality and friendship extended to me whenever I have visited your Chapters over the years.  You have always spoilt me.

Today is of course, a day for celebrating the Appointments and Promotions of our Norfolk Companions.  I’m sure you will join me in congratulating each and every one of them on achieving another major milestone on their masonic journey’s.  Companions, please use the kudos your new rank gives you to help and encourage others, so that they too can look forward to enjoying days like this.

To the outgoing team of Active Officers, a big thank you for a job well done, with an especial thank you to E. Comp Andrew Seales who steps down from 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, and E Comp Morgan Bell who steps down from ProvGDC.  Companions, we had a great year, a lot of visits and a lot of fun.

To the incoming team. Welcome; you too are in for a very busy and enjoyable year.  To those I have reappointed this year, a personal thank you for continuing in office, your contribution and commitment is genuinely appreciated.

I extend a warm welcome E.Comp Tony Jacobs who joins the Provincial Executive as our new 2nd Provincial Grand Principal; Tony is already known to many of you and I am sure, that in fulfilling his new role, you can look forward to seeing even more of him. You will have seen that I have taken the opportunity today of introducing three new Provincial Chained Offices authorised by SGC, — those of Membership, Communications and Mentor.  The Companions I have appointed are all very experienced in their respective roles and the skills they bring will further enhance the support the Provincial team is able to provide.

This year we had three Companions receiving Royal Arch Grand Rank Appointments or Promotions: E Comps Morgan Bell & Jeremy Moore with appointments to PAGDC and E Comp Keith Johnson a promotion to PAGSoj. Each one well-deserved and I congratulate them on behalf of us all.

It has been very encouraging to hear the Pro Grand Master / Pro 1st Grand Principal’s clearly stated resolve that the Craft and the Royal Arch should be seen as one. 

ONE JOURNEY – ONE ORGANISATION with the concept of Initiation to Exaltation being emphasised by both UGLE and SGC.

He laid out for us the ‘Membership Challenge’ to highlight the steps needed to grow our wonderful organisation.  It shows that in Norfolk we needed to boost our membership by 27 members during 2023.  This mirrors the target I set you last year of having at least 1 more subscribing member in your Chapter on 31st December 2023 than you started with on January 1st.

The other aspect of the Challenge was to reduce the ‘Loss of Exaltees within 3 Years of Exaltation’.  The national average is currently around 10%.  The aim of the Challenge is to raise awareness of the need to adopt in the Royal Arch the same ‘Can do’, –  ‘Yes we can if …’ — rather than ‘No we don’t because’ culture that is being encouraged in the Craft. 

The vision is to achieve an initial incremental growth rate of 1% to 2% every year as we go forward.  In Norfolk we are already a long way down that road and whilst we must not get complacent we are clearly reaping the rewards of the steps we have put in place over the past few years.

By never losing sight of the fact that we are a members organisation and that our members experience is key to any success.

By splitting the Ceremony to involve as many members as possible, always working with, never dictating to.

By making the Ceremony more accessible with ‘setting the scenes’ and ‘janitors card’ readings.

By keeping the Exaltation Ceremony sharp and focused and separating the delivery of the Three Lectures for a stand-alone occasion.

It is by concentrating on a members experience and by giving him a reason to attend, – retention should no longer be a problem.  As I have said many times before, we have a truly colourful and spectacular ceremony; it’s the way in which we present it that holds the key to our success.

In 2022 Norfolk’s ‘Loss of Exaltees within 3 years of Exaltation’ was just under 5%, well below that Nation average.  As of June 1st, this year, we have 16 more individual subscribing members than at the start of the year, a growth of 1.5% against the national average of static membership over the same period.

On top of this we currently have a further 41 brethren in the pipeline wishing to join us.  We must not keep them waiting.

To put all this into context, in 2019, just before the pandemic, we recorded our highest ever annual number of Exaltees, 65, and as a result we were, for the first time in years, growing both in members and memberships. 

With the effects of the Covid Pandemic now behind us, we are currently well on track to beat that number and provided we do not take our foot off the gas;  the Membership Challenge will have been met and the Royal Arch in Norfolk will, in 2023, have resumed its path of growth.

On another note, I have been very impressed by the work being carried out by SGC in producing , for the Royal Arch, a much-simplified version of the Craft Members Pathway; it is called Archway and is an easily digestible self help guide.  It focuses on four simple headings  – Shape, Grow, Involve & Enjoy.  Nothing complicated and with equally simple set of dropdowns, it looks like being a great resource for our Chapters and is due out by the end of the year.

They are also producing a sister booklet to the successful Craft’s ‘Discover Freemasonry’ called ‘The Royal Arch’ – ‘Discover More’ which should assist our Provincial Membership Officer and Lodge Royal Arch Representatives in attracting even more new members.

I am pleased to report another piece of good news.  Preparations are well underway for the formation of a new daytime Chapter to be named Admiral Lord Nelson Chapter which will meet in Kings Lynn, four times a year on a Tuesday morning in May, June, September & October.  This will be Norfolk’s first new Chapter in 20 years, if you are interested in joining the list of founders or would like any further information please contact E Comp Tracy Fussell.

So, that’s it Companions, Chapter in Norfolk is clearly in a good place.

Please support your Craft Lodge membership drives; they provide our future members. 

Please support the Norfolk 2027 Festival; the work the MCF does for our members, their families and our communities is one of Freemasonry’s crowning glories and something we should all be immensely proud of.

And finally, continue to strive to make every part of every Chapter meeting special; and above all, continue to enjoy your Royal Arch masonry.

Thank you Companions.”

The Alms, which amounted to £1162.20, were collected during the singing of the Hymn ‘Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven’.

The Provincial Grand Chapter was closed in due form at 15:10hrs and the first verse of the National Anthem was sung.
230 Companions attended the Convocation and 202 sat down to Supper.

Apologies received from the following Companions:
E Comp Robert Hannam, E Comp David Mostyn, E Comp Terry Storey, Comp Michael Crawford, Comp J A Wright, E Comp Peter Allen, E Comp Keith McCully, Comp Robin B Cook, E Comp George Ashworth, E Comp Michael McCormack, E Comp Donald J Woodgate, E Comp Richard Garwood, E Comp Stuart Lamb, E Comp Trevor Bealing, E Comp Stephen Knowles, E Comp Neil Morley, Comp Scott Crook, Comp Adrian Will, E Comp Michael Fuller, E Comp Jonathan Mead, E Comp Terry Rands, E Comp Charles Brown, Comp Robert Wilson, E Comp George Ioannou, E Comp Anthony Vella, E Comp Roy Gostling, E Comp Roy Medcalf, E Comp Ralph Masterson, E Comp Peter Wilson, E Comp Melvyn  Pye, E Comp Peter Coles, E Comp Anthony Darwood, E Comp Michael Wright, E Comp Dion Dionysiou, E Comp Peter Harrison, E Comp Geoffrey Keer, E Comp Michael Bradley, E Comp John S Rushmer, E Comp Peter Roll, E Comp Nicholas Cullen, E Comp Ray Harling, E Comp Ian Alderton, E Comp David Cartmell, E Comp Robert Honnor, E Comp David Utting, E Comp John Tisshaw, E Comp Peter Chappell, E Comp David Ryland, E Comp Gary Stodel, E Comp Graham Gibbins, E Comp Mark Gaskins, Comp William Tarling, E Comp Victor Cayzer, Comp Roger Cawdron, E Comp Norman Wilson, E Comp Colin Kerrison, E Comp Robert Wood, E Comp Ian Miller, Comp Rodney Goodrum, Comp Terry Storey, Comp Michael Spicer, E Comp John Walker, E Comp Andrew Mason, E Comp Robin Shaw, E Comp Colin Mole, Comp David Willimott, E Comp Brian Dolby, E Comp John Woodford, E Comp Jeremy Moore, E Comp David Impey, E Comp Michael Large, E Comp Barry Houchen, E Comp Thomas Hatchett, E Comp Charles Platten, E Comp Michael Keen, E Comp Jim Stoves, E Comp  Archie Mitchell, E Comp Vic Sayer, E Comp Clinton Vince, E Comp Robert Denyer, E Comp Gunther Young, E Comp David Stevens, E Comp Eddie Moore, E Comp Peter Worby, Comp John Hume, E Comp Robin Senter.

John A Parfitt 9th June 2023
Provincial Grand Scribe E

Signed………………………….. Date………………………..
Stephen Norman Allen
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

2022 – 2023

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, I present my first annual report.

The 2022-23 masonic year has seen a welcome return to meetings without interruption or restrictions. Recovery of member numbers returning to meetings varies between individual chapters, as does the occurrence of new or joining members. The majority of chapters within the Province are working to restore member numbers and encourage visiting between chapters. The Provincial Chapter Executive continue to attend all regular meetings where possible, to offer encouragement and support.

The Norfolk Provincial visit to the Supreme Grand Chapter Investiture 28th April 2022 went ahead with the visiting companions, on this occasion making their own dining arrangements. The following Norfolk Companions received Grand Rank:
E Comp Stephen C. Frankland Appointed to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
E Comp Roy Winfield-Lowe Appointed to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

The Provincial Grand Chapter meeting, held on Thursday 9th June 2022 was once again a successful event, with over 200 Norfolk members and invited guests attending and dining at St. Andrews Hall where, in addition to the appointment and promotion of the Provincial Officers for the year ahead, E. Companion Allan A. Ramsay P.A.G.D.C. was appointed as 3rd Provincial Grand Principal.

Arrangements are currently underway for the annual Provincial visit to Supreme Grand Chapter Investiture on 27th April 2023, visiting Norfolk members this year dining at the Freemasons Arms. This year also sees the introduction of an electronic booking system for the event, a system which it is planned will be used for the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting, on Wednesday 8th June 2023.

The transition to Hermes data input system, launched on 1st August 2022 has been completed, with the majority of Chapter Scribes embracing the new system. To assist the transition and in conjunction with our Craft colleagues, training seminars via Zoom were held, two training workshops have also been held and further events will be considered. A team of analysts comprised of confident Hermes users and led by the Provincial Registrars continue to offer ongoing assistance and support.

The meeting of the Chapter GP on Thursday 2nd March 2023 will resolve the following items:
Provincial Accounts.
Almoners Report.
Provincial Grand Registrar Report.
The Alms collected at 2022 Provincial Grand Chapter, £1192.40 donated to the Norfolk Freemasons Charitable Fund (NFCF).

Finally, my grateful thanks must go to the Norfolk Chapter Scribes E and Provincial Chapter Office Team, who continue to work tirelessly to ensure smooth running of the Province.

John A Parfitt
Provincial Grand Scribe E
2nd March 2023


Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and Companions I am pleased to present to you the Provincial Chapter Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2022.

The accounts are in the usual Income and Expenditure format which takes into account all amounts received and payable for the year.

The Income and Expenditure for the year is detailed as shown, The Income totalled £21084.69 against the Expenditure of £19586.44, this gave us an Excess Income of £1498.25. All the monies collected for the Supreme Grand Chapter lunch this year had to be refunded as the place that was booked cancelled our booking at the last minute, no substitute could be found in time.

The Alms collection of £1192.40 from the Annual Convocation was transferred to the NFCF for distribution as agreed.

I shall be pleased to answer any questions on these accounts should there be any, subject to this, I commend these accounts to you for your approval and adoption.

My thanks to the Provincial Office and the Account Examiners for all their help and input in producing these accounts.

Darryl Woodward
Provincial Grand Treasurer, 19 February 2023

Provincial Grand Registrars Report

1st January – 31st December 2022

M. E. Grand Superintendent and companions I have pleasure in presenting my report for 2022.

Emerging from the difficulties of the last two years, we have taken up our regular meetings and hopefully put behind us that shadow. A few of our companions are still wary about joining their brethren at meetings.  We must continue to encourage them to return, and ourselves, support and enjoy our meetings and ceremonies, but continue to exercise sensible practice at our gatherings.

The figures record a high number of deaths, but I feel this is attributed to receiving a backlog of data not recorded during the previous lockdown periods.

Encouragingly there are a large number of exaltees now coming through, who have been waiting for the opportunity to join.

Going forward we must continue to encourage new Master Masons to take their next step and, remind them that some consider their journey incomplete if they have not experienced the colourful and historical story and teachings of the Royal Arch.

The degree offers the opportunity to bond tighter with their craft brethren or indeed increase the circle of their masonic friends by joining a chapter further afield where they can meet new faces and enjoy a wider pool of experience.

R Clack
Provincial Grand Registrar
February 2023


Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and Companions, I have much pleasure in presenting my report for the year ending March 2023.

The role of the Chapter Almoner in the Royal Arch is somewhat different to that of the Almoner in the Craft. Where the latter is predominantly concerned with the welfare of the Brethren the former is more concerned with the “Health of the Chapter” as a whole. This is not to say that should the Chapter Almoner be made aware of a welfare issue of a Companion he should ignore it. In such circumstances he would be wise to speak confidentially with his counterpart in the Companions Craft Lodge so that such matters do not get overlooked. This link between the Royal Arch and the Craft is something that is being emphasised a great deal by not only the Province but also Grand Lodge and Supreme Grand Chapter. I would strongly encourage it between Chapters and Lodges in the Province, especially in the office of Almoner.

This link is further emphasised with the Royal Arch Representative Scheme in the Craft Lodge. For some time an experienced member of the Royal Arch in a Lodge has been nominated as the Royal Arch Representative in that Lodge, to promote the Royal Arch and from time to time address candidates after their ceremony of being Raised and invite them to consider joining our order or to speak with those Brethren who may have been in the Craft for some time and not yet joined the Royal Arch.

The Chapter Almoner also needs to be at the forefront of Recruitment, Retention and Participation in the Chapter. This responsibility is important, even more so now, at this current moment in time. With membership numbers having declined nationally in the Craft and also but to a lesser extent in the Royal Arch, coming off the back of a few very tough years due predominantly to the COVID pandemic. However the Chapter Almoner cannot do this by themselves, and I would strongly encourage all Companions to play a part in this, no matter how small. A phone call to a Companion who has not been seen at a Convocation may well go a little way to making them feel wanted and may encourage them to return to meetings.

Initiatives in splitting up the ritual in the Royal Arch have been widely adopted and accepted, and have in no small way helped in retaining Companions interest in the Ceremony and encouraged them to participate.

Finally, may I thank all the Chapter Almoners for their continued support especially when it comes to sending in their Chapter Returns.

Graeme S. Kynock
Provincial Grand Almoner
March 2023