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Provincial Office and the Communications Web Support Team

A Request from the Provincial Office and the Communications Web Support Team

9th November 2023

Dear Brother Secretary

On several occasions we have received requests directly to the Comm’s Web Team to add summonses to the Website calendar.  Members of the communications team do handle this task but there is a system that we need to use.
Please can you continue to send your summonses to the team in the provincial office in the first instance The team there will check the summons first and then release to us for publication on the website when they are satisfied that everything is in order…
The office will release the approved Summons to a central account that members of the comms team can access and publish from, this is completed on a first available person basis so that we keep the website updated as quickly as possible.
There was a small hiccup with getting summonses posted in early November this was due to the upgrade to MS365 in the office and the subsequent temporary loss of the email account which was that used by the office to send your summonses to us. This has now been rectified and will not cause any further issues.

We are aware that 10 Lodge Summonses may have been affected at the time and all the summons in the office backlog were released by 05.11.2023.
Finally, do ensure that you forward your summonses at least 14 Days in advance of your meeting to the provincial office in the first instance, this is a provincial requirement and not just a request. All summonses should then be available on the calendar in a timely manner.
If you have any questions on the content of this information, please contact the Provincial Office.

S& F
Your Web Support Team